There's No Place Like Roam

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I don't like to talk about my family too much on here. I figure they have their owns lives and if they want the world to know about it, they can write their own blog. They deserve their privacy if that's what they want. But this is something I just can't hold in any longer and I've been holding it in for about two weeks now.

My favorite Uncle, my only Uncle actually, was diagnosed with lung cancer. The biopsy just confirmed it today but we still don't know the type or stage. He had been sick for about two months before this was discovered. You would think after the tests he had done, lung cancer would have been detected sooner? It wasn't though.

I know that what he is going to experience with cancer is going to be quite possibly one of the hardest battles of his life. Let me tell you, this man has battled so much already. He was in a horrific accident about 14 years ago and he broke his back which left him paralyzed from about the waist down. My Uncle was bound and determined to learn how to walk again even though doctors said he never would. He now walks with the assistance of some of the most awesome canes you will ever see. He still uses a wheelchair because walking is absolutely exhausting for him. But he walks which is what counts.

What I know from my personal experiences dealing with chronic illnesses, he is in for a long, hard road. It doesn't matter whether he chooses to go through with treatment or not, it will still be hard. He's a strong man and he doesn't like to accept help, we're alike in that way. We don't like hand outs, we don't like people having pity on us. Life is what it is and all we can do is live it, whether it is good, bad, or flat out ugly. My Uncle is a fighter though, he has fought to live through so much already. He can fight through this, I know this in my heart. He can do this. When you are sick and you have to look death in the face every single day, what keeps you going is your will to live. You have to want to live, my Uncle wants to live.

As most of y'all know, I'm a big fan of Life is good products. I can't afford their merchandise very often because a lot of it is too expensive for my budget. But I do have a few of their items which I absolutely love to pieces. My tattered brown cap with the pink heart has a deeper meaning to me than what the outside world sees. I have an awesome olive green cap that I wanted so bad and I never thought I could have it because it was too expensive. It ended up showing up as a fantastic Easter present from an amazing friend. It was perfect because I was sick on Easter Sunday so it was the pick me up I needed. For my Birthday I got a little silver cuff bracelet that says "Take your love everywhere you go." I wear that bracelet every single day. It's scuffed, scratched, worn, and loved dearly.

Regardless of what Life is good product I'm wearing, it's a little bit of a comfort for me. It's like the adult version of a security blanket that no one knows about but me. In my heart I knew that my Uncle needed something from Life is good. I knew that this could be the one thing that reminds him that he can go on. Even in the darkest of moments, he has something to live for. Before he started to get sick, he rode his tricked out motorcycle all the time. It was custom built for him, with extra wheels in the back for stability and all hand controls. He has been working on this motorcycle for the past few years and I think it was a dream come true for him to have it.

I remember one time back when I was really sick, he came over and he took me on a motorcycle ride. We rode all around and he would ask me if I wanted to ride some more. My answer? "Yes." I felt so free when I was on the motorcycle. The wind was blowing in my face, swirling all around me, and swooping all of my pain and fears away. I was free from sickness when I was on the back of that motorcycle. I will never in my life forget the way I felt and how wonderful it was.

I know that over the next few months he probably won't be riding his motorcycle as much. So I found the perfect Life is good t shirt for him to remind him of the good times. You can see the shirt here. When I saw it on the website I knew that this was the shirt, that he needed this shirt. I needed him to have this shirt. I wanted to get myself a matching one. But when I went to Jake & Friends and tried on a men's small, it swallowed me whole. I guess it worked out for the best, I didn't need a shirt and I couldn't afford two. I just wanted us to have short sleeve Lig shirts together, so we could be even more of a team. But it's OK because my Uncle needed this shirt, I'm glad the one I wanted for him was in stock. I am very thankful that I was able to stretch my budget enough to do this for him.

I hope his shirt gives him as much comfort as my bracelet or caps do. I hope it's his secret security blanket that carries him through the rough times. I hope when he wears it he remembers that I'm his cheerleader, I always have been and I always will be. I'm the funky, spunky, quirky, and weird niece who loves her even funkier, spunkier, quirkier, and weirder Uncle.

I hope it reminds him that one day he will be back on his motorcycle, flying down the road, and free to roam wherever his heart desires.