A Few Of My Favorite Things

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This morning I was in the shower and I was shampooing my hair for the second time, yes, I always wash my hair twice. I realized in that moment how much I love the way my hair feels during that second shampoo. How the tendrils of my hair intertwine with the sudsy white mass that covers my scalp. In that moment, everything feels so smooth, clean, and simply perfect. It got me thinking that I should make a list of my favorite things. In a way, it's a giant reminder of what I should be thankful for but I'm not always. Because in reality, not everyone has these favorite things, not everyone is given the opportunity to experience each one. So here it is, a blog entry having nothing to do with my life with lupus. Instead, a blog entry that has everything to do with my life and what makes me happy.

  1. Shampooing my hair for the second time.
  2. Remembering the taste of ginger ale on my tongue, how the bubbles tickled my mouth.
  3. Perfumes with strong orange notes.
  4. Freshly chopped cilantro, the aroma is intoxicating to me.
  5. Water, I love the way water tastes, always pure and refreshing.
  6. The texture of cold press watercolor paper.
  7. Carr's Table Water crackers.
  8. The giddy feelings I get when I receive a happy email, phone call, or text message from close friends.
  9. Scrapbooks, scrapbooks make me very, very happy.
  10. Scarves and fedoras, something about it seems classic to me. I could be terribly wrong? But who cares!
  11. Green tea first thing in the morning.
  12. Taking photographs of anything, it makes whatever the subject is significant in my eyes.
  13. Music, anything goes. I love it when a song floats through the air, enters my heart, and sings to my soul.
  14. Goofy dancing in the car, not while driving of course! Passenger dancing only!
  15. Dreaming up recipes and seeing the finished product in my head.
  16. Making cards and giving them to my friends.
  17. Origami.
  18. Reading a good book while listening to music.
  19. Being in the kitchen, alone, and cooking whatever my heart desires.
  20. Having Amy Winehouse stream into my ears via my iPod while shopping at Ukrops.
  21. My t-shirt quilt.
  22. Mondays.
  23. Shredded wheat with unsweetened soy milk.
  24. Anything having to do with Christmas. Crafts, carols, cookies.
  25. The fingering that Regina Spektor does on the piano.
  26. Lotion, I have incredibly dry skin.
  27. Febreze and Lysol, if only the two could be combined?
  28. Glitter pens, go ahead and call me a 13 year old girl.
  29. Pandora Radio.
  30. Thinking of Panama and everything I accomplished there. FYI: Used to be a missionary.
  31. Penguins.
  32. My closest friends who are always so dear to my heart. Ariel, Ashley, Michelle, Michele, and Jake.
  33. When my Mom and I go shopping together.
  34. The rare moment when my sister, Lindsay, and I don't fight.
  35. Netflix.
  36. Remembering the sweet, chocolate smoothness of a Galaxy chocolate bar melting in my mouth. Each taste captivating my senses.
  37. My birthday.
  38. Flowers, especially orange ones.
  39. Fuzzy socks.
  40. Crossword puzzles, especially when done with an amazing friend.
  41. A violin and piano duet.
  42. Snow, even flurries get me excited!
  43. Being an industrious mouse.
  44. The comfort of my own bed, it's fantastic. The right balance of softness and firmness, cushioning my body, cradling my aching muscles and bones.
  45. Singing when I'm all alone.
  46. Knowing that someone, somewhere, might be thinking of me, might be loving me, at the exact moment when I need it the most.


Cynthia said...

I think we all need to count our blessings and remember the things that make us happy.