I wonder if I could walk, bike, paint, and try on dresses all at once?

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Sorry for my absence here lately! It's been spring break around the house and I've been quite busy. I'm still exercising, I'm walking an average of 2.5-3 miles a day. I know that it's not a lot but I'm trying and at least I'm getting a routine down. Today I walked 2.57 miles and then I also got on the stationary bike and biked a whopping one mile. Again, it's not a lot, I had to stop every .05 miles so my muscles would stop cramping. It's hard to think a few years ago I was so in shape and riding a bicycle for one mile would have been nothing!

I'm going to a wedding in a week and I have had the hardest time trying to find a dress to wear to it. I didn't really like anything I saw in the stores and I really didn't have much in my closet. So I did the unthinkable for me, I went to the fabric store with my Mom. I hate going to the fabric store because my Mom takes forever. Even if she hasn't found anything she likes the first loop around the store, she will loop back around again. But I figured the only way to find the perfect outfit was to have my Mom make it, it pays to have a seamstress in the family. I started looking at pattern books and I came across the perfect pattern. It reminded me on Audrey Hepburn, it was vintage, and it just said "Erika." Apparently my Mom had been looking at this pattern for me for the past two years and she always thought it would be the perfect dress for me.

As we looked around the fabric store, we couldn't find any fabric that would be appropriate. I wanted a fabric that would be a weight that would be comfortable all year round. I also wanted a color that would work for all seasons. I didn't want anything sparkly or that looked like it belonged on a prom dress. I wanted a pale silver color, a dull satin, something like the fabric my 2003 prom dress was made out of.
Unfortunately the fabric store we were at didn't have anything like it. So we decided to go across the street to the other fabric store where we found the silver fabric a few years ago. Lo and behold they had it, along with the pattern we wanted, and it was on sale! Fabric, pattern, and a new spool of thread cost about $28. If I had to go out and buy the dress in the store, it would probably cost at least $60. But that includes the cost of labor and inflation. In one week, I will have the dress that the woman in the middle of the pattern is wearing. I like the middle dress because the front will lay flatter and provide me with more coverage than the dress that has the two straps across the front. I do like the dress with the two straps but with my figure, it probably wouldn't work to my advantage. I just hope I'm not over dressed for the wedding!

Not much to update on medically. Of course I have had increased joint and muscle pain since I have started the exercise routine. I've had more fatigue which is also to be expected. I just hope it evens out sooner or later! I'm really focused on increasing my strength and endurance. With strength and endurance comes more energy, with energy comes the ability to do a lot of great things. I've got a rheumy appointment the first week in May. That means I get to get lab work done about a week before the appointment. I'll probably get it done in the beginning of the last week in April just to give Quest a while to process it. I've figured out that Quest is much quicker than Lab Corp! Plus when I've gone to Quest, it's been a lot less crowded and the wait has been minimal.

Yesterday I hung out with Michele and we had another paint party! We went to Starbucks because there was a painting there she wanted to copy. I had a painting I needed to finish anyways and it's always more fun to paint with a friend. Last night I also went to the Maundy Thursday service and I saw my Godmother. I told her that I switched internists and she seemed a bit on the concerned side. Of course she had a million questions but it's only because she loves me. I also got the semi compliment of "It's hard to believe that your sick!" Every time I hear that I just want to say "Really? Because I feel like barfing on your shoes." I'm glad I don't look sick but what does sick look like in the first place?

Oh and here's the painting I finished yesterday. If you want it, let me know! It's a 4X4 inch painting and I can ship it anywhere in the U.S. All you have to do is name your price, chances are, I probably won't turn it down! Unless you are offering 50 cents. I know my paintings are quite elementary because I've never had any sort of professional lesson. But I think they add a lot of joy to life!

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