Too good for government work?

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Ah! What a busy day! I've cleaned, cooked, baked, cleaned some more, went to Target, had a final dress fitting, now I'm back at home. Honestly, I'm exhausted and my version of exhausted is probably much different than yours. Take the tired feeling you have at the end of your worst day and multiply it by 100, that's what I feel on a day to day basis. And no, I'm not exaggerating, I'm also still expected to function. I get to do it all without coffee and soda too!

Today I baked an experimental batch of cookies which was a mesh of a bunch of different recipes. The main idea is a low sugar homemade nutella double chocolate chip cookie. Sounds unbelievable and inconceivable right? Wrong! Each cookie has about .03 grams of sugar, which is very, very low. It's virtually impossible to make a homemade cookie that is sugar free especially if you use real vanilla extract. Plus the hazelnuts in my homemade nutella have their own natural sugars. Anyway, baking with Splenda is a huge experiment which the home bakers, such as I, are constantly working on. It's difficult to get the results that one would get if they used sugar. Often times the cookies won't spread on their own so if you want a flat cookie, you have to mash it flat. But I actually prefer the cute half dome cookies that I have perfected.

Laid off from work? Stocks in the toilet? Wondering if you're 401K is worth anything? Eat a "Too Good For Government Work" cookie and for a moment, none of that will matter. Here's the delightful goodness that even Martha Stewart couldn't create!

Oh and my internist called me today, how exciting! Anyway, I'm finishing up my round of antibiotics to "be on the safe side." In the second full week of May I have a follow up appointment. I'm going to have the same tests run and if they come back abnormal, we will go from there. If they come back normal, then we have solved the problem. Why so late to have an appointment you may ask? To give me time to finish up my super pills and then have time for all remnants of the medication to get out of my system. That way my test results will be a bit more accurate.

Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding, I've got one more fitting for my dress my Mom is making me. We are having to take it in because it was a bit on the big side. Hopefully it will turn out OK? I'm looking a bit different since I've gained weight, which I needed to in the first place. But it's leaving me feeling fat and dumpy, I guess I'll get used to my new figure? I haven't walked this past week, just because of the whole kidney party I was having and then the doctors stuff, and then I've been exhausted beyond belief. Hopefully I can get back to walking next week? Perhaps I'll take a short walk tomorrow morning, maybe it will invigorate me?

I'm still Twittering by the way, I'm getting used to it! Thank you everyone on Twitter who's reading my blog, I really appreciate it. Y'all are awesome for welcoming me into the Twitterverse.



Cynthia said...

Incredible cookies, especially for a chocoholic like me.

Cynthia said...

Move over, Martha Stewart! These cookies satisfy that chocolate craving!