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This morning I received a phone call from the practice that I saw a few weeks back. Remember, the place that wanted me to switch my diet around and take 10,000 supplements? Yeah, that place. It was the doctor who I was supposed to see a few weeks back but she wasn't available that day so I saw her colleague. Anyway, she saw that I had canceled my appointment for today and that my new doctor sent over a request for my records. I explained to her the experience that I had during my first trip. How their practice seemed to shove "their" supplements onto me. I told her that I'm a firm believer in the FDA and I do believe in some supplements, like a multi-vitamin, calcium, and vitamin D (especially for me because I never get unfiltered sunlight). I also said that because supplements weren't covered by insurance, it was a little bit too expensive. I need the medications I take to be partially covered by insurance and unfortunately supplements are not included.

I also told her that last week, I called the practice to see if my lab work ever came back. Instead of giving me the results over the phone, the receptionist told me that they had more recommendations for supplements. I was informed that a pharmacologist looked over my lab work and records and put notes on my labs. When I told the doctor that this morning, she was shocked and she explained that something like that should never happen. It should have been her who made the decisions about my health care, not a receptionist or pharmacologist. She didn't even review or approve the notes made about my condition. She agreed that the receptionist and the other doctor should not have shoved the supplements on me. I should have been allowed to go home and do my research on the brands they were trying to push on me. She wanted me to come back to the practice but I explained to her that the experience did not leave me with good thoughts about the practice. At least she is going to mail me a copy of my lab work!

In other news, I've created a wish list for myself. None of it is medical procedures or stuff in me that needs to get fixed. It's purely material and selfish. I think everyone has a wish list but I don't know of many people who share it. Here's mine!

EDIT: My Mom and I are going to get the sneakers this afternoon. They don't have them in a 4.5 but they have them in a 4. So I'm hoping they fit and by this afternoon my feet will be swollen so it will be a true fit. We figured $30 was a good price for nice trainers and they probably wouldn't get any more affordable than this. Besides, I haven't had to buy new sneakers in about 1.5 years.

Adidas Kanadia Trail K gray/pink sneakers size 4.5 If I am going to get back on my exercise routine, I need a pair of supportive, comfortable sneakers. I've always had luck with Adidas, no matter what they always fit me and they usually last a year for me. Even when I was back in high school and worked out all the time, they still lasted a year. I usually wear a size 4 but because of my arthritis and Raynaud's, my feet swell. Icky huh?!

iPod Classic 120 GB in Black. I used to have a mini, but mini died after being alive for over four years. I like the nano but it's so skinny and frail looking that I'm afraid that with one wrong move, I would break it. Plus this one has plenty of storage for my music collection that grows occasionally. I also believe it is the best value for the money. The iPod touch is around this price, but there is less space and I'm afraid of the touch screen wearing out.

Reebok Strapless Pink Heart Rate Monitor.
Because of my Lupus and IST I have to be really careful when I work out. Between being conscious of my heart rate, constantly keeping hydrated, and being aware of pushing myself too hard for too long, I've got my work cut out for me. I don't feel like having my heart stop and being followed around with the crash cart. I would prefer a crash tractor (only House fans will understand). I like this monitor because it is strapless, meaning I don't have to wear a strap across my chest to get a reading. It is also consistently accurate. Some people don't like the fact that you have to stop and get a reading. I'm not one of those cardio people who need to reach a target heart rate. I need to stay below the target heart rate. For me it's not about calories burned, it's about improving my strength and mobility in a safe, healthy way.

Yup, that's my wish list and I'm not expecting to get any of it! I've got medical bills that need to get paid off and I'll have more bills fairly soon! Gah...

Loverly Lupie Me


Anonymous said...

Yay for crash tractor!!! The heart monitor thingy is a good idea. How do you plan on working out? We could walk sometimes maybe? Or you walk and I ride the crash tractor, ya know, just in case?

Loverly Lupie Me said...

I want to start walking. Not like super power walking, like semi-power walking. Power walking with half the power. You get the drift eh? You can drive the crash tractor. Or we could always hire Dr. House to drive it for us? It would have to be black with flames.