Life isn't easy, but it sure is good!

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Don't fret, I'm still here! Here's a weekend update minus a Saturday Night Live skit. Over the weekend, I only walked on Saturday, I gave myself Easter off. I walked 1.80 miles on Saturday which wasn't a lot. But I've been extremely tired and running on empty here lately. On Sunday I woke up early and got ready for church. I went to the 11 AM service with Ariel. We both enjoyed catching up with people who hadn't seen us for a while. The service was nice but we skipped out early because Ariel's blood sugar got a little on the low side. That afternoon we had Easter dinner at my house with all of my family. Ariel, my sister Lindsay, and I had a blast taking lots of unconventional Easter portraits. It was like the good old days when we were all constantly together.

This morning I decided to take a walk when I probably shouldn't have. I've had a nagging lower back pain mixed with abdominal pain. I keep thinking it might be because of my new walking routine. But of course it's a good chance it's my kidneys. If I'm not feeling better by tomorrow morning, I'll call my doctor. Anyway, this morning I walked 2.60 miles! I didn't think I walked that far, but I did, surprise surprise! Once I got home I started to feel worse. I've been lounging in bed, drifting in and out of sleepy time land since then. I know my Dad is probably mad at me because I didn't do the dishes today but I'm sorry, I've been too tired. We don't have a dishwasher either, everything is done by hand.

Today Life is good on Facebook sent out a mass message about a story they posted. It seems like in the moments that I really need to be reminded that life is good, I get reminded. It's as if the people there know when I am down or not feeling well. They also seem to know when I am doing well, when life is going my way. In those good moments, I am able to celebrate and rejoice in the fact that life is good. They posted this story, Hudson company accentuates the positive. In the article, Keith Campbell who is the company operations director summed up the way I see life. "Life isn't easy. But life is good."

So right now for me, life isn't easy, but it's good. It's good because I was able to celebrate Easter with my family this past weekend. It's good because over the past week I have walked 18.84 miles! Life is good because I've been able to do some painting here lately. Life is good because I don't have to get gum grafts even though I still have to get a lot of other craziness done. Life is good because I'm planning to go to a wedding this weekend and the following weekend I will be at my favorite place ever. Life isn't easy, but sometimes the best things are hard, they take lots of energy, commitment, and of course, love.

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