Over The Weekend

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Sorry for my absence, again! I was out of town this weekend and at a lovely place called Shrinemont. I look forward to this church retreat every year. There is a seminar and a keynote speaker but every year I skip out on the seminar. I love learning, but when I have the choice of being cooped up in a room and being outside with nature, I'm going to choose being outside. Especially when I'm surrounded by trees, flowers, ponds, and of course mountains. I had an amazing time hiking, painting, playing bocce ball, hanging out with some of my favorite people, and taking lots of pictures. It was unusually warm over the weekend, it was almost 90 degrees on Saturday but a surprise rain storm brought the temperatures down.

I've figured out what I want to do for my job to get me readjusted to working again. I want to work for a florist, something to do a few days a week. Arranging flowers seems right up my alley, since it is a creative outlet. All I need now is transportation and of course a florist to hire me. Luckily there are some florists in my area. I'm apprehensive to call and pursue this until I know for sure I will have transportation. Unfortunately, I'm not financially able to purchase a car right now and my Dad sold my old car a while back. I keep hoping that something will work out and some how, some way, I will get a car. That's the only thing holding me back! Too bad a car company isn't reading this. But why would they care about me anyway?

Oh and I almost had a heart attack on Sunday. My Dad asked how my weekend was. Yes, I am just was just as surprised as those of you reading this. Granted he didn't ask how my day was today and it probably won't happen again for quite a while. I understand it's a start, that's how I'm seeing it, but it could also just be a mistake. I wish he could be that nice every day. I know that asking how a person's day is really isn't qualification for being considered nice. But for my Dad, it is. I think he is starting to realize that if he doesn't respect me, he will lose me forever. I deserve to be respected and treated nicely, especially since I work so hard not to upset him.

In other news, on Friday I brought my amazing iPod mini back to life. Yes, the electronic device that died about a month ago was resurrected. On Friday morning, something told me to try to make my iPod work one more time. Lo and behold after many buttons being pressed in no particular order, my iPod came back to life! I had probably pressed the same buttons in the same order about 100 times before. But this time, my iPod decided to "make it work." I think it realized if it didn't wake up, it wouldn't get to go to Shrinemont. Besides, I couldn't fathom going to Shrinemont without my iPod. I have a Shrinemont soundtrack on there too with some favorite songs that match the mood of Shrinemont.

I'm exhausted, Shrinemont always wears me out. I did go for a walk this evening with my Mom. I don't like to go off schedule and luckily the heat wasn't too oppressive today. The lack of humidity helped too! So my Mom and I took a medium length walk once she got off of work. I don't know if walking is really helping me at all, but it's a low impact exercise that doesn't disturb my joints. Plus it's affordable since I don't have money to be joining a gym, nor do I have transportation to a gym!