I Wonder If Martha Stewart Likes Protein Shakes?

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I just had a bit of a realization! I was wondering how the heck I was going to manage during the weeks that I have surgery. I'm not allowed to eat or drink for eight hours after my surgery. I'm hoping I can get an early morning appointment, 7 AM or so? I will wake up super early and just have enough water to take my medication. If my surgery ends by 10 AM, I will be allowed to drink something at 6 PM. I'm not allowed solid foods for a week, bummer. Well, I got to thinking, what if I could find a low sugar meal replacement powder to mix in with my unsweetened soy milk.

I found one, yay! 2 grams of sugar! And one serving of my soy milk has 1 gram. That makes three grams of sugar! YAY! Considering I will probably only want to drink one of those a day, that's pretty good. Plus I will be getting vitamins, minerals, and whatever other good things they put in that crud. I'm looking for low, low, low sugar stuff because I won't be able to brush my teeth either. GROSS! But hopefully there will be a special mouthwash that they will give me. Of course I will be sipping everything through a straw so nothing can be too thick. Otherwise that could cause issues with my grafts. Who get's excited over protein powder? Someone like me.

In other news, my Granny is over at the house because the power is out at her house:-( Poor Granny. But she's happy because she has coffee brewing downstairs. Anyway, when I went downstairs to get a bottle of water, I wasn't wearing socks. She asked "Are your feet cold?" I said "No." Then I realized I couldn't feel my feet. Oh joys of joys. I had a dee dee dee moment. Now I'm wearing socks. Oh the Martha Stewart Show is freaking me out, Martha has her dentist on and they are showing pictures of messed up mouths on a HDTV. Gah! Please, let's make me more anxious?

I was singing earlier and my chest really started hurting, I ignored it and kept singing. It went away after a few minutes. That's the funny thing with lupus, one minute you're perfectly ok and the next minute you aren't. It's insane! Or if you work really hard one day, you're completely out of it for the next three. Oh and I love it when people say "Is there a pill for this?" My reply usually is "Well why yes, there are, and I'm on them, and if my doctor magically finds another pill to help with other symptoms well by golly I'll take it!" People think they know it all, they also think I know it all. I also know that I don't know it all. But I probably do more research than most of the people asking me questions.

Well, Martha still has her dentist on, hopefully she will kick him off soon. Oh goody, she has a guy coming on next with the biggest, whitest teeth ever. And he's going to talk about rare antiques. Now's a good time to go floss and take a pill.

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