Mind, Body, Spirit... And an i-Pod?

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Sorry I've been slacking on the blog front. I've been beyond exhausted and I think it was all left over from this past week.

On Friday I saw a new GP at the advice of my Godmother. She's all into healing the mind, body, and soul. And in a way, it's a good concept. The place I went to was very, very nice but unfortunately I did not connect with the doctor. First of all, I'm so used to doing everything for myself, answering questions, filling out paperwork, filing authorizations, I do it all. What bothered me the most about this doctor is that in the middle of our consultation, he goes back to the waiting room, gets my Mom, brings her into a separate room, and talks to her. My thought was "Erm, hello? I'm 23 years old. If you want to talk to my Mother, shouldn't you ask my permission first?" I mean that really, really bothered me. Of course he said "Getting your history from one person only allows you to get one part of the history." Well, I may have memory loss but my note taking and history skills are impeccable.

I can also understand wanting be be thorough, I love a thorough doctor. But he was just slow, I'm talking turtle slow. I think a sloth could have moved faster. He would ask me a question, I would answer, and then he would just stare at his notes. Also at this place they are not a big fan of prescription medications. I'm sorry, I love my prescription medications, the ones that work and fix issues. You take away my Promethazine and you will wish you were dead. My body hates me without Plaquenil. I don't like to be overly medicated though. He kept asking me if there was anything else and I said "I still have chest pain." Did he give me any advice or write me a prescription? No. I later found out that he had been an optometrist for like 1,000 years. Yes, he's that old.

What bothered me even more about this place is they kept trying to shove their supplements on me. They had their own recommendations, the brands they trusted. I understand that not all vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements are created equally. Those sorts of things are not regulated by the FDA in the same way that prescription medications are. You don't exactly want to buy a supplement from a guy selling them on the street. But I don't have an issue going to a local chain vitamin shop or my local healthy food store to get my supplements. But he kept saying his stuff was supreme and of course my Mom fell into the whole trap. I kept saying "I can get this stuff cheaper else where." But does anyone listen to the 23 year old who can diagnose herself 99.9% of the time and who is correct 99.8% of the time? No.

I'm hoping next time to see a different doctor in the practice.
I'm very leery about this new doctor though. I like the place because it isn't your typical doctors office. It's more like a spa. But I'm still apprehensive. Maybe because I'm used to the cold rooms, bright lights, and speedy doctors? Hopefully I will connect better with the other doctor. When I feel one step away from death, I don't want a doctor who is slower than a turtle. What if my heart were to go "thudududududud____thudududududud_____thudududududud____thududud" again? Would he know what to do? It would probably take him ten thousand years to stand up to get over to me.

My next visit I am going to explain that I am willing to try to follow the program they specify, I just have to buy my supplements elsewhere. They charged me $43 for a bottle of cod liver oil because apparently it had higher concentrations of nutrients. Yeah, GNC has a bottle, not the same brand, but practically the same ingredients for $13. I also understand they are trying to promote health and wellness. But at the end of the day, they are a business. Most doctors don't make money off of people who have insurance. A place that treats mind, body, and soul has the extra opportunity to rip
you off for the sake of "health." I'm going to take the supplements until I finish them, after that I'll switch over to a brand that I research myself. If it turns out it doesn't work as well, maybe these new age doctors actually know something.

I had to get more labs done on Saturday morning for this new doctor. My veins are shot, closed down, need a rest, and trying to get remodeled. The poor phlebotomist had a heck of a time getting a vein, it took her quite a few times. She felt bad for sticking me but I couldn't feel it. My Mom also wants me to see a new cardiologist but she wants me to go through my rheumy so then he could get me an appointment quicker. I feel bad for my rheumy, my Mom put him through hell and back last week. I feel like I need to make him cookies. Maybe I should? I hope he isn't allergic to anything. I also feel bad about asking him because apparently he referred me to an excellent cardiologist. Excellent for a man perhaps but women already get looked at as if they are crazy. Especially when they have an auto immune disease which are seen as something "all in the head."

In other news, my precious pink i-pod mini saw it's demise on Saturday morning. After serving me faithfully since 2005, seeing me through so much, it's a sad occasion. Unfortunately this past week has been way too expensive because the damn cardiologist kept refusing to admit me. Unfortunately not everything that is wrong with a heart can be found with an EKG and chest x-ray and he refused to do anything invasive. He was like "You're too young for an invasive procedure." I'm sorry, I thought that younger people were more resilient than older people? Oh well, what do I know, I'm only right 99.8% of the time time. So yes, no more i-pod for me. It's sad, that thing has kept me sane through goodness knows how many doctors appointments. I'm feeling quite depressed over it, I know it's stupid to mourn something so material. But the last thing I need is an i-pod blasting Mamma Mia into my ears.

Even though I am in love the the RED i-pod mini. I like the fact that even though it's the same price as the other i-pods, it goes towards a good cause. The other colors are quite snazzy though... Too bad all the colors can't go towards something good. I love the blue, pink, and purple too. I need to shut up about an i-pod and focus on figuring out to pay these bills, getting more appointments, and getting my health straightened out. My chest is still hurting me like crazy but I'm beginning to think it will forever...

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