Life is indeed good!

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I don't exactly have anything new on the medical front to discuss. But I do have something on an inspirational level to share with y'all! Earlier this evening, I decided to send an email to the folks at Life Is Good. Most of you know that when I go outside, I'm sporting one of their lovely baseball caps. On their website, they have a page where people have shared their stories and how the Life Is Good company has affected their life. On a whim, I decided to share my story.

An hour later, I received an email from the director of communications, Jim. He was so inspired by my story that he asked for my permission to use it. It could be included in their book FUEL. It contains the life stories of people from all walks of life, with all different experiences, but with one common thread that ties it all together. The fact that no matter what, life is good. They hand this book out to employees as a way to inspire them, to show them that their work does impact others in a beneficial way. My story is also being sent for review to be in one of their weekly emails. Their emails get read by about 80,000 people a week. He is also going to see if my story can go on their website.

I won't know anything for a while, I'll certainly be on the lookout though. It's quite exciting to think that I might be able to share my story with such a large audience! I just thought I would share this little tid bit with all of you lovely people who read my blog.

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