21 Days

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Thanks to the wide world of Twitter, I decided to hop on the band wagon of positive thinking. For the next 21 days (as of yesterday) I will not complain. That's right, complaining will go out the window and positive thinking will walk in through the door. I'm hoping this doesn't sound like a complaint, but I'm having a difficult time differentiating between a general statement and a complaint. If I were to say "I feel tired." Would that be a general statement or a complaint? I'm thinking instead of 21 days of not complaining, I will practice 21 days of positive thinking. That way, if someone asks me how I feel, and if I were to feel tired at that time, I could say "Right now I'm feeling tired, but I know that tomorrow will be better." Doing that allows me to be open and honest with others while staying optimistic.

I'm still on the hunt for a job and though I haven't found one yet, things are looking up. I knew that something, somewhere had to give. Now I feel like I might be getting somewhere. For those of you who know me, I want to work, I need to work. And you also know that 99.9% of the time I am a people person. I feel as if that is the one quality that will get me a job. I think that my personality will shine through and someone will be attracted to it like a moth to a flame. I'm excited about the possibilities that are to come. The chance to throw myself out there again and grow as a person. Who knows, once I save money and get my body adjusted to the rigors of having a job, I can try going back to school?

I keep telling myself over and over again that the following will happen.
  • I will get hired.
  • I will have a boss and fellow employees that like me.
  • I will have customers that find me warm (not feverish, tee hee hee), friendly, and helpful.
  • I will work to the best of my abilities.
  • I will expand my knowledge by learning everything I can about my job.
  • I will try hard even on my difficult days.
  • I will be around people who will be understanding of the fact that I have lupus and that sometimes I have limitations.
  • I will hold onto this job, even when times are tough, even if I feel like I am unable to carry on.
  • I will be the best person I can be, each and every day, always striving to reach a new personal goal.
I know that some of you may think those are unrealistic goals. But for me, I have to have goals and I have to believe in something. I am choosing to believe in the positive instead of the negative. I know that not everyone in this world will like me, but I can strive to be a person who is liked. I understand that some days I may not feel like working, but I can at least come in with a smile on my face and try my hardest. I know that there may be customers who are unfriendly and possibly rude, but I will remain calm, friendly, and understanding. I will remind myself when times are tough that I am lucky to have a job. I will recall how hard I worked to get the job and at that moment, I will feel better about the situation.

That's my plan, to stay positive, to reach my goals and then set new ones. And when my 21 days is finished, maybe it will have instilled a quality in me that can carry on for the rest of my life? Life is good and it's going to get better, I just know it will.