What About Us?

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"What about the normal people?" I often ask myself. What about those people like me who are just down on their luck and need a little help in life? What about us? Who is willing to help us? No one. That sometimes bothers me, the average person who needs a little help, can't get it. Their lives aren't bad enough, they haven't gone through enough, therefore they don't "deserve" help.

Don't get me wrong, I love the folks on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I think it's fabulous that they get a new home, that is definitely well deserved. Most of them have been through "extreme" challenges, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. What bothers me though that we live in a society of such extravagance that they build these people massive homes. Are the homes beautiful? Of course. Do the folks deserve the home? They sure do! But who is going to help pay for the bills for the house once the house is built and the crew is gone? If they could barely afford the maintenance of their last home, how will they afford this home? No one really thinks about that when they build the house. The families have been through so much that they get a house that is way too expensive to keep up with.

I liked the good ol' days of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where they actually remodeled the person's house. They would add on, repair, repaint, and throw in some appliances and furniture. And you know what, to me, I felt those houses had more love. Were there huge crews of hundreds of people? No. Were there massive bulldozers going down the street? No. But the house was taken apart and put back together with love. And at the end the families were so appreciative. They loved their "new" home and what it allowed them to do. Also, the way I think about it is that if they built smaller homes, they could build more houses. That means they could help more people!

I wish there was a show "Extreme Makeover: Maintenance Edition." You know, for the family who can't afford new pipes in their house? The person who needs a new stove because their other one tries to catch the house on fire? Yeah, a show to help out the normal people. For the family who needs a new roof or maybe a new floor? The families may not need a brand new house but they need repairs that they just can't afford to do. I'm sure the families would feel incredibly lucky and blessed for their new pipe, stove, roof, or floor. They may not be getting a new house, but they would get what they need. That would be a great show for normal people like me. Nothing big and extravagant, just a down to earth, back to basics kind of help.

It also bothers me when celebrities brag that they donate their money and occasionally time to certain causes. Most of the causes don't even affect the "normal" people. Why can't they take some of their big bucks and help out a good person down the street? I think the only celebrity who really cares about helping the average person is Ellen Degeneres. Some days I wish she could come help me and some of my friends. But why would she? I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and medicines to take. So when it comes to receiving help I don't really qualify. Does it matter that I can't get a job? No. Does it matter that my mouth is falling apart (stupid lupus) and I could really benefit from a couple of crowns? I'm really not looking forward to losing my teeth when I'm 30. No, it doesn't matter. I know I'm fortunate, I have more than some people could ever dream of having. I just wish that someone normal like me could get some help. I have friends who could really use some assistance, they could even be seen as worse off than me. But no one is willing to use their resources to help out someone "normal" like us.

Maybe if I were a better person someone would care? Maybe if I were able to do more someone would care? Maybe, just maybe, one day someone will care? Maybe it's the whole Natalie Cole situation that is bothering me? I'm happy for her that she got a kidney, that a dying fan loved her that much. All I can think about are the people who have been waiting, waiting, and waiting with their names on the UNOS list. The people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and who would do anything for an organ. They have to keep waiting with their names on a list that only gets longer by the hour. Who cares about them? They are the "normal" people whose lives are on hold because their body is giving out on them. But Natalie Cole is a beloved celebrity with an amazing voice, surely she deserves life more than others.

One of these day I'm going to be something small. But if I just have faith, if I give it my all, I can take my something small and make it something big. And I promise you when I do, I'm going to help out the "normal" people. The people who just need a little bit of something to get by. That's what I'm going to do. I may not be able to save the world, but I'll give the people a little bit of hope that they didn't have before.



Cynthia said...

Amen! I have often wondered how these people on extreme home makeover are able to afford the utilities, maintenance, and real estate taxes on these luxury homes. There are so many folks who just need a little help.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about that Extreme Home makeover show. Like you said, these people can't afford to live in a huge house, but that's what they give them. Who pays the new hiked up property taxes? Or is it like when Oprah gave away all those cars on her show and all the recipients byatched and moaned about having to pay the big taxes on the new vehicles? Probably not.