Medical musings

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Well I didn't get the job I applied for last week. It seems as if they were only hiring for temporary employment and I supposed I didn't fill those qualifications. I would have been thrilled to do a bit of temp work, something for some back up cash to hold me over. Apparently if someone on their permanent staff quits, I'm next up to be called in. I hope that's the truth and not a lie said to make me feel better. I've also applied for jobs with some banks in my area and some legitimate listings on Craiglist. I keep thinking that something, somewhere has to give. But of course there are thousands and thousands of people who are unemployed and thinking the same thing. I wish I could find a legitimate work from home business, but everything turns out to be a scam. Grr, frustrating.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my rheumatologist. As pathetic as this sounds, I'm hoping if something has to go wrong, it goes wrong now, before I'm employed. I kind of want the bad stuff to go ahead and get out of the way before I move onto a better part of my life. Of course I know that life doesn't work like that, but wouldn't it be great if it did? Wouldn't it be lovely if people with chronic illnesses could just get the icky nasty stuff out of the way and then go on with life? It would be like cheating the system but wouldn't life be just a smidge better? We wouldn't have the thoughts hovering over us such as "Are my kidneys going to go kursplatt any time soon?" Well all of this is just a bunch of silly wishing. I'm of course hoping that all is well tomorrow and it continues to stay well. Hopefully y'all understand by now is that it never really is well, it's just as good as can be expected.

Today was the first day in a few days where I actually felt coherent enough to do something. I went out with my sister Lindsay and her friend Margot. We went to Target, Sally Beauty Supply, and The Olive Garden for lunch. My sister and I split the chicken alfredo pizza and Margot had the pasta pomadore. Afterwards we went to my sister's apartment where I went into hair stylist mode and did Margot and Lindsay's hair. I have fun playing around with people's hair but I could never be a stylist. I trust myself with scissors when it comes to paper, but with people's hair, I don't think so! I also managed to take a long walk today because I wasn't able to yesterday.

That's all I have to update for now. Oh, I forgot, my Dad started to chew me out today. But I nipped it in the bud. Way to go for me being assertive and not putting up with his bull hockey! I think I showed him that I'm not going to take it and if he wants to get rude, he can get rude with someone else.