I Think It's Finally Giving

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Today has been a good day, a very good day indeed. Last week I applied for numerous positions for being a medical receptionist. Out of the blue this morning I received a phone call from a potential employer. I was asked if I was available to do a phone interview later in the day, it happened to be the same time I was supposed to volunteer. I of course said yes, a job is a job and this is only my second interview I have been granted. I tried to remain calm throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon but I felt like a giddy school girl on the inside!

The phone interview went well, really well. My potential employer said that my resume was one of the best she has seen. I was told the job is part time with the potential to become full time. I was asked numerous questions and I feel that I responded with well worded answers. I was then put on hold (a drop in my heart) but then I was asked if I could come in on Thursday. Thursday you say? Of course I can! I need to fill out some registration paperwork and meet the doctor of the practice. Does that mean I got the job? I'm staying positive but it could turn out the doctor doesn't like me. Or it could mean I will be officially offered the position. Right now everything feels up in the air and I'm really trying not to get my hopes up over it. I'm just hoping I get the job.

In other news I volunteered to set up for a social workers breakfast at my church tomorrow morning. I set up tables and made individual fruit salads. It was nice to see some of the people from my church, especially those who I don't often see at the service I attend. I ended up staying at church for a couple of hours, I didn't mind though. Volunteering kept my mind off of the interview which is a very good thing. I'm sure tomorrow will be long as I debate what could or could not happen. So if anyone in my area feels like getting together for a cup of tea or coffee, let me know! I'm still going to be on the look out for a job though, just in case. I've never had the best luck so I need to keep working towards having a job. Once everything is final, then I will be content!

I know one of the first things I am going to get once I get a job, a Wii and the EA Sports Active Trainer. Of course I have a few things I need to worry about before getting it. Like paying for car insurance, paying for medical stuff, and working towards getting enough money for my own car. I drive my Mom's car right now, she doesn't really mind but it seems like it bothers my Dad a bit. But the Wii and the trainer game would equal out to be a gym membership for me. I walk about two miles a day, but I feel like I need something extra. I feel that this would allow me to work out in the comfort of my own home and I would be motivated to do it. I want to be in good shape because I feel that will help with my lupus and energy levels. I wish I could afford the Wii now especially since it is on sale at Best Buy this week! Oh well, this is life and I'm just thankful that I might have a job!

My stomach has been acting up the past few days. Plus I've had some respiratory issues which I have chalked up to being allergies. If I had a killer fever, I'd have the swine flu! But right now I'm blaming it on lupus and allergies. I'm not completely miserable anyway. I still feel pretty good, nothing a little Tylenol, promethazine, and cough drops can't handle. I'm hoping that whatever this is doesn't get worse because on Thursday I might have the light at the end of the tunnel moment! Continue to hope, pray, jump backwards, do what you do to make it work. I feel like this little burst of hope was so unexpected and it was very, very welcome in my world. I again thank all of you who read this for your continued support. If I were to get this job, the first few weeks will probably be difficult as I learn and adjust. Not only will I be learning new information but my body will be learning how to deal with the extra stresses that work brings. I just hope my energy levels can stay up! But I'm ok with all the unknowns because I have known all along that something, somewhere had to give. And I think it's finally giving.