Hmm what to blog about?

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I'm at a loss on what to blog about! For once, I don't have something to say. Job hunting is still going slow with not many leads. Tomorrow I am going to pursue some leads and forge the trails on my own. That is of course after I go to the dentist for a lovely cleaning. I'm lucky I get my teeth cleaned every three months. Yes, it's more expensive but because I have lupus I don't have a choice. It's just one of those things for me. Also tomorrow the conversation of crowns will be brought up and for now I can afford one crown on a payment plan. I have a horrible mouth, half is genetics and half is lupus. I'm just going to do everything I can to prevent it from getting worse. I think my dentist should start doing a "Buy one get one free" deal with me. I should at least have a frequent flyer card!

My sister just called the house, she always calls when I am in the middle of doing something. We actually had a productive conversation about job hunting. She is going to stay on the lookout for me. I told her my criteria because I am just getting back in the work world and I don't want to push my limitations.
  • I'm looking to work about four days a week.
  • Each day I want to work between four to five hours.
  • I would prefer to work in the mornings because as the afternoon progresses into evening, my lupus loves to misbehave.
  • I need to have a job where I can be sitting most of the time. Silly auto-immune disorder.
  • I would like to work for a smaller company because then I will become indispensable (hopefully) due to my cheery and optimistic disposition.
  • I need my employer to be OK with me having lupus, to understand that I may have to take a sick day every now and again. Believe me, I won't take a sick day unless I feeling like death on a stick.
If it turns out once I start working that I feel I can do more, than I will. But my rheumatologist has stressed, stressed, and stressed some more to be aware of my limitations. Sometimes I think he is more concerned about my conditions than I am. Does he know something I don't? Probably, but he's a pretty good doctor so I trust his judgment.

I went to church this morning. I love how everyone will talk to me for about five seconds and then go talk to my parents about me. Erm, hello! I'm 23 years old and I can talk for myself, I'm sorry if I don't divulge too many details. But that doesn't give you permission to go get it from my parents either. It especially bothers me when my Dad so freely gives out details about me to others and yet he barely says a word to me. He calls me the ghost, such as when he hears a rumbling in the kitchen "Is the ghost in the kitchen?" It's partially because I am so quiet and light on my feet that you can hardly hear me coming.

So wish me luck tomorrow. I'll be out begging for a job like every other person out there! What's even better is that is is going to be raining. Fabulous! Thank goodness for a raincoat.



Anonymous said...

What about work from home things? I know its really hard to find one that's not a scam, but they are out there. You would be really good at data entry I think. You can type, you'll be working, but if you're sick you can still work from bed.