No More Napping!

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Today was supposed to be a productive day, unfortunately, it really wasn't. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted, I knew I wouldn't be able to do everything I had planned. When these days happen, it makes me nervous about beginning to work again. Am I supposed to risk calling in sick just because I am exhausted beyond belief? Will I looked at as lazy and be fired? I'm definitely not expecting pay for sick days. I also understand in order for a business to be successful, they need all employees to be on deck.

This is something I need to bring up with my rheumatologist on Thursday. "So Dr. So and So I've been increasingly tired lately, and let me tell you, it stinks. I'm looking for a part time job with no luck. I want to work, I really do! Do you have any ideas on how I can combat the exhaustion I face on a day to day basis? Without excessive caffeine? Any thoughts? No? Oh well, thanks." That will probably be what happens. Have you ever been so tired you can't see straight? That's been me today. Or it could be the Plaquenil making me blind, oops! If my vision is still wonky tomorrow, I'll definitely call the eye doctor and say "Excuse me, something isn't right with my eyes, fix it, now!"

Did you know this month on the Martha Stewart she is going to have an Asian Noodle show, a Man Show, and a Mother's Day show. How exciting, an entire show devoted to noodles. I'll watch it though, only because I not so secretly wish to be perfect like Martha. The only thing that gets my goat is that sometimes she can be a bit on the rude side. Maybe the whole holier than thou complex makes her feel better at the end of the day? She sometimes acts like that everyone can afford everything that is on her show. That everyone should go to the best restaurants even if it means flying across the country. Um, hi Martha, have you noticed we are in the midst of an economic downturn? Oh, sorry, you were too busy planning designs for the packaging of your sheets which are the same ones from Kmart but you're selling at Macy's now.

I'm exhausted, a new House comes on in 58 minutes. Must try not to nap. OK, maybe just a baby nap?